Microsoft Surface Battery replacement service in Dubai .

If you have a problem with the battery draining too fast, frequent shut downs or if your Microsoft Surface 4 Pro doesn’t power at all, it is probably a battery problem. Sometimes swollen battery may break the screen of your tablet from the inside.

  1. Get the Microsoft Surface Battery New, original replaced in 3hours by specialists.
  2. Ready in 3 hours if you bring it to our store
  3. 6 months warranty for the screen
Product Price (AED)
Surface Book 1200.00
Surface Book 2 – 13.5″ 1500.00
Surface Book 2 – 15″ 1650.00
Surface Go 900.00
Surface Laptop 1280.00
Surface Studio 2400.00
Surface Pro (latest) 1300.00
Surface Pro 4 725.00
Surface Pro 3 699.00

Get a new battery for your Surface tablet.

Before we proceed with replacing the old battery, we will test your Surface Pro 3 first to make sure that changing the battery will solve all the related problems. It is a quite complicated process on the Surface 3 Pro to change the battery. The manufacturer didn’t make it any easier for users with non technical skills.

We have to remove the front glass first and it is a risky and time consuming process. The process of removing broken glass requires a heating and special tools. We replace the old adhesive with a new one to assure the proper fit.

After we remove the screen and the glass, we start removing the old battery. The battery is attached with strong adhesive to the back of your Surface Pro 4 tablet. We replace it with highest quality replacement battery and it will give your tablet a new life. We always use highest quality batteries for all Surface tablets.

Your device is always tested after repair.

Your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet will be carefully tested after repair. The test will include the new battery fitting, all motherboard connections, the screen and anything that we had to reconnect after disassembling your tablet (front camera, charging, speakers, Wifi,etc). After you receive the tablet we kindly ask you to check it again.

The repair can take longer than 3 hours in some cases.

Sometimes when you device has more serious damage or if the screen breaks, we may need more than 3 hours to fix it. If the corners of your Surface are dented or the frame is bended, than we may need additional few hours to prepare it for new screen to be fitted. In some cases we may need extra charge to spend extra 2 hours on aligning and polishing that damaged frame. We will inform you about that before proceeding. For most difficult cases that are repairable, your tablet will be ready on the next working day.

Additional services.

We can fix many other faults related to the Microsoft Surface tablet. If you require help configuring Windows 10 on your tablet, let us know ! You can go back to the main page and select the service or just give us a call and we will assist you.

Why this service is so expensive ? It will be cheaper if the screen does not break !

It is a very difficult job to replace the battery on the Surface Pro 4 tablet because of the screen attached with strong adhesive. The front glass itself is very delicate. It needs to be heated up and slowly removed together with the LCD. Most time of the repair we spend removing the screen and still it may break any time during the process. We just don’t have control over it. The cost of the service already includes the new screen. However if the front screen does not break, the total repair cost will go down to £199 (£150 off).

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